Corona detection dogs begin their work at Helsinki-Vantaa airport


Sniffing stations have been built at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport for corona detection dogs, which are trained to recognize COVID 19. All passengers arriving in Finland can be tested. The dogs examine the sample taken in the booth by sniffing it on the other side of the wall.

At the sniffing station, the testee goes to the booth and takes samples of himself by wiping his skin with small gauze folds. He puts the wipe samples in a scent beaker and hands them out of the opening to the dog handler on the other side of the booth. The dog sniffs the line of scent beakers and marks a possible infectious one. The results will arrive in an instant.

The testing at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has been designed carefully. Passengers who are allergic to dogs or are afraid of them have been taken into consideration, and so now a dog will smell only samples swiped from the skin, that is, not the people directly.

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