Back to school! – For a while


Schools reopen for contact instruction for the last two weeks before summer holidays. We visited Kartanonkoski school to see how everyone is feeling about going back.

For the past week schools have been preparing for the return of pupils and staff as schools are reopening for contact instruction. How is everyone feeling about going back? We interviewed parent Marle Himberg and her daughter Elvira, 7th grade. Elvira is definitely looking forward to seeing her schoolmates and teachers again.

According to the principal of Kartanonkoski school, Tuija Tammi, the school has done a lot to organize the return of pupils and staff to a school environment that is as safe as possible. Finnish schools have been closed since the 18th of March, and the 24 000 students in Vantaa basic education have been studying at home. This Thursday the majority of those students are returning to their familiar school grounds.

Kartanonkoski school is located in Vantaa, the fourth largest city in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

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