Aviapolis – city with wings


Aviapolis, an international airport city in the middle of a metropolitan area. The location in a traffic hub makes it the largest and strongest growing business area and employment centre in the Helsinki region.

Now, Aviapolis is home to more than 18,000 people. Soon, Aviapolis will also see the rise of new residential areas.

In 2030, there will be 63,000 workplaces and 30,000 residents. Commute from the office to your home either by city bikes, robot car, electronic bus or tram. Anything is possible.

This is also the fastest growing business area in Finland, having more than 1,900 companies located in the area. Start-ups and bigger companies form together a buzzling business environment. New business areas are currently being built next to the airport. If your business is international, no problem getting to Beijing, Tokyo, New York or Frankfurt.

Easy access, excellent traffic connections, interesting architecture and safe environment- those are the things Aviapolis is known of.

Aviapolis – city with wings.


Aviapoliksen työpaikka-alue matkalla kaupungiksi, jossa voi viihtyä ja viipyä

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